Women are disappearing in Topeka...
With each disappearance comes another “special delivery” from The Fairy Tale Murderer. Detective Kate Kingsley searches for her missing best friend, Kristen, while hot on the trail of an emerging serial killer. Is Kristen one of the killers “princesses” or is she simply the bait to lure Kate to her own Fairy Tale ending?


The story continues...
Does anyone really think the beast in Stan won’t emerge again? The journey for Stan and Detective Kingsley is a story unfinished. The sequel to Fairy Tale Murders is currently underway and once again there will be twists and turns adding to the intrigue of the relationship between Stan and Detective Kingsley.


Learn more about the characters...
Find out a little more about Kate Kingsley, Stan, Harper, Lisa and the 'Princesses' from The Fairy Tale Murders.



Kelly Money
Kelly Money

Born in Topeka, Kansas, Kelly Money quickly learned that life in Kansas wasn’t just tornados and yellow brick roads. Although the tornados were real, her excitement came from using her imagination, writing stories and poetry. Inspired by the ominous and eerie mortuary next to her aunt’s home, a love for mysteries and suspense began at the age of 7. This passion led her to Bethany College where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and enjoyed playing Basketball. She has resided in Glendale, Arizona as a Realtor for over 20 years and is the Mother of 3 boys.