Character Sketches

Kate (Detective Kingsley)

Kate was very proud to be a Detective with the Topeka Police Department. There was no contest when it came to her skills at putting the pieces of mystery puzzles together. What seemed like a routine day at work became a nightmare in the blink of an eye when her best friend, Kristen, went missing. With all resources available to her, Kate kept missing clues because her emotions were clouding her judgment.

Soon after Kristen’s disappearance a pattern emerged and she realized that she had a serial killer on the loose, choosing his victims from Fairy Tale Princesses. Running out of time and battling a clouded judgment she must find a serial killer before the next calling card comes.


Stan is a shy young man lacking confidence and yearning to become more than his father’s expectations. When the opportunity arises Stan finds a way to find his true inner self, this revelation leads him to release a beast inside him that can’t be ignored. The compassion he once felt when his Mother read him fairy tale books is long gone as he uses these memories to find his own princesses to feel whole again.

The princesses he makes his own give him the power and confidence he never had. For the first time in his life he feels invincible. He doesn’t even believe that Detective Kingsley can catch him. He taunts her and enjoys watching her misery as she desperately looks for her best friend.


Harper is a family man at heart and fiercely protective of his friend and protégé Detective Kingsley. He has called her Kate since the day he saved her life in her rookie year. Since Kate became Detective they have been partners. Academically smart Harper had many opportunities but he chose helping people and serving in the Police Department. His strength has guided Kate through this emotional challenge of losing her best friend while being a good husband and Father to his children. Kate is family to him and he will stop at nothing to protect her and find the man who calls himself the Fairy Tale Murderer.


Lisa is a nurse at Stormont Vail hospital and her work hours make it difficult to be home to see her daughter. Loren is a college student working and going to school full time. Even with their crazy schedules they always found time to spend one whole day a month together catching up. Raising Loren was not easy as a single mom but Lisa loved every minute of it. She was so proud of her daughter and looked forward to the notes they left each other whenever one left the house. Lisa goes through the worst nightmare a mother could endure and without even realizing it helps find the man claiming all the lives of young women.

Fairy Tale Princesses

All the victims that the Fairy Tale Murderer claims have their own stories outside of the label given to them by their killer. They are strong women with bright futures until they meet the man who will change their lives.

Sleeping Beauty — She is the catalyst who releases the beast within Stan and the driving force which keeps Kate engaged in finding the Fairy Tale Murderer.

Rapunzel — Works hard and aspires to get a college degree, master’s degree and Doctorate. She has high aspirations.

Ariel — Singing is her life and it is devastating to find out that she cannot audition for American Idol since she is too old. That doesn’t stop her from doing the thing she loves, which is sing.

Belle — Books! Books! Books! Of course she is a librarian. She loves to read and learn new things. A loner but not lonely, her books take her places that she can only dream of. Whenever given the opportunity she collects old books but never has the heart to sell them for money.

Cinderella — Owner of a bakery but not without struggles with her step sister, yes step sister. She loves baking and that is why customers line up at the door every morning for her fresh pastries.