Fairy Tale Murders

Feathered Quill Review says:

“Readers will turn on lights and
look under the bed while reading this one.”

Fairy Tale MurdersRickey Russell with A Southern Life in Scandalous Times says: “Fairy Tale Murders has a strong enough concept that seeds a pretty dark story. It plays upon the very trendy subject of fairy tales which have become very popular in recent years.”

Country haven is a mortuary in the small town of Topeka which has been handed down from one generation to another. It is in a historic area and has many original fixtures, including an incinerator in the basement.

Stan is a young man who has lived a very sheltered life and has been groomed to take over the family business. By accident he witnesses his father’s death and a series of events follow which guides Stan to his true awakening.

His first victim is his first mistake! His first victim, who he calls Sleeping Beauty, is long time best friends with Detective Kate Kingsley. As Kate puts the pieces together she has no idea how close she is to finding the killer, all the clues are there but she races against time and emotion to make sense of them. Stan keeps coming into the investigation but by the time Kate figures out all the clues will it be too late?

So starts the cat and mouse game between Kate and Stan. Can Kate put the pieces of the puzzle together fast enough to stop the beast within Stan?

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