Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers Review

satisfaction for insatiable readers
Welcome back to Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.

Today, we’re jumping off the holiday train for a moment to give those of you about to go nutcracker on the next someone that wishes you a holly jolly anything, a wee bit of a break.  Trust me though, after this pick, you’ll be wishing for the winter wonderland walk because the star of today’s pick is nuttier than your grandmother’s fruitcake.  No, REALLY!  Oh and to make it extra creepy for all the booklover’s out there, fairy tales are a big theme….just not so much on the happily ever after front.  *ahem*  Anywho, let’s plunge ahead, shall we?  Today’s book of choice is….Fairy Tale Murders.

Let me put it simply….Stan is one messed up cookie.

There.  I said it.

*dusts hands off*

Oh, wait, you wanted MORE didn’t you?

Well, since I wouldn’t be one to say no to a young Oliver Twist either, I suppose I can oblige.

Stan is one sick puppy, as is the way he treats one in the book (~shudders~) but that’s a whole other story.  He fully exposes himself as the bad guy du jour from the very beginning.  I mean really, what else can one assume when he watches the man who raised him die before his eyes…or almost die, and then finishes the job.  Grant it, he was a beast in and of himself thus assisting in the creation of Stan, but still…it was brutal even though it lacked his future bloodlust.  Oh yes….there will be blood.  (-insert SAW giggle here-)

Once Stan is unleashed, there is no end to his insatiable need and while a few good things come of his new found freedom (he grows up, finds his voice, takes care of his appearance), the negatives win in a battle of weights (killing innocents, playing in their blood, dragging storybooks into the whole mess).  Is there no end to the damage he can inflict?  Is he THAT GOOD that he can’t be caught?  Not if Kate Kingsley has anything to say about it…and a say she does have.  Kate is Stan’s polar opposite.  She’s a hard worker (detective), loving friend, and genuine caring person…who is also persistent and ready to fight the good fight anytime anywhere.  Good thing too as she’s gonna need all her wits about her with what’s coming down the line…

Story wise…the fairy tale tie in was interesting, though twisted.  It definitely added another level to Stan’s creep factor when he kept referring to the girl’s dead mother as Sleeping Beauty.  It made the way he found his victims less random and while confusing them to no end when confronted with their “new identities”, proved to provide one to Stan himself in the end.  In the end, the story holds merit and the idea is creative but to me it was too long with too much attention on Stan’s growing need to feed the beast.  I mean, we get it…he wasn’t shown enough attention nor respect growing up and thus didn’t learn the proper outlets for relieving the stress that life can inflict, but I feel that there was an over emphasis on his darker, sexual tendencies.  Could it be my own personal reading preferences interfering?  Most likely, but that’s what you asked for….my opinion; consider it given with an invitation to come to one of your own.