Sneak Peek

Does anyone really think the beast in Stan will not emerge again?

The journey for Stan and Detective Kingsley is a story unfinished. The sequel to Fairy Tale murders is currently underway and once again there will be twists and turns intriguing to the relationship between Stan and Detective Kingsley.

In the sequel Detective Kingsley, Kate, is recovering from the loss of her missing best friend but she is also moving forward in her life. Look for changes which will challenge her and give her a new perspective on life without Kristen and relief from the darkness that Stan engulfed her with.

Will their paths intertwine again? Be prepared if they do, Detective Kingsley’s emotion won’t be clouding judgment going forward and Stan will have to work harder to be one step ahead. No stone will ever be left unturned as long as Stan is out there and Kate is hot on his trail.

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