Criminal Minds – Fairy Tale Murders

Criminal Minds – Fairy Tale Murders

The popular television show “Criminal Minds” just aired a segment called “If the Shoe Fits” that involved a woman playing the role of Cinderella with a twist. In pursuit of her happily ever after she took on the traits of the Grimm Fairy Tales rather than the calmer ones we know today.

Which I think brings up a good point! Why do you think today’s Fairy Tales are so different from the Grimm originals? I think a character on Criminal Minds summed it up nicely when he said, “One could argue that the sanitized versions we have are actually counterproductive of the original purpose of Fairy Tales, so children could safely confront their darkest fears.”

Could this be true? The original Fairy Tales were to teach us how to confront our fears and learn from them. I have to admit when I wrote Fairy Tale Murders I couldn’t help but think that the premise was based on today’s Fairy Tales but the ending was more like the original Grimm Fairy Tales. Stan’s mother read him all the Fairy Tale books, as we know them today, which planted the seed in his mind that his life could really have the happy ending. This was what he was striving for but could not make reality.

Detective Kate Kingsley saw another side of these Fairy Tales and they were truly more Grimm and horrifying to her. She was searching for a serial killer who as Spencer in Criminal Minds said “the unsub believed in the Fairy Tale not the reality.” From the moment Stan found his Sleeping Beauty in Fairy Tale murders I don’t believed he ever lived in a true sense of reality again.

Certainly makes you wonder what it would take to find that happily ever after and to what length would we go to in finding it.

You can watch the whole episode here.

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